Many diverse communities in San Diego County — such as those within City Heights, El Cajon, South Bay, and Southeast San Diego — continue to face health disparities that, in turn, negatively affect their wellbeing. Improving health outcomes remains as one of the most essential approaches to achieving community wellbeing.

To bring change to these communities, such as closing the health disparity gaps, a community-based organization whose services center on cultural responsiveness is needed. Community Wellbeing San Diego (CWSD), a non-profit organization, was created to address this need. 

Effectively reducing health inequities in communities is challenging, as there are many contributing elements such as social, cultural, economic, and physical factors that are recognized as significant determinants of health.


While socioeconomic factors such as race, ethnicity, age, income, and employment have been recognized as important indicators of health outcomes, the significance of health literacy in affecting health outcomes has been largely overlooked. The American Medical Association, in fact, indicates that poor health literacy may be one of the stronger predictors of health outcomes among all factors.

The intricate, ecological association among individuals and their health requires a correspondingly multi-faceted approach. CWSD, therefore, addresses community health outcomes by using strategic, multidimensional approaches to understand, evaluate, and implement interventions such as health literacy improvement for targeted communities.

We believe that addressing the social determinants of health through health promotion & education efforts will make the biggest impact.

Our Mission

We reduce health disparities and improve the overall wellbeing of underserved communities in San Diego County.

We provide health promotion services, health literacy improvement services, health education and training, social services, and community wellbeing networking strategies designed to improve the lives of underserved community members.

Our Vision

We hope to provide community-based services that help communities:


  • develop appropriate interventions addressing health needs and literacy

  • nurture effective communication and understanding between healthcare providers and community members

  • recognize and discern that the stimuli deriving from one’s internal and external   environments are barriers

  • access available resources to meet the demands hindered by these stimuli

  • reinforce that these demands are challenges worthy of investment and collaboration

Our Strategies

  • We focus on capacity building and asset-based approaches — as opposed to deficits and needs — since they have proven to be more successful in improving health outcomes and in addressing inequities; they allow individuals and communities to harness skills, knowledge, connections, and resources that they are capable of accessing.

  • We foster collaborative partnerships that allow us to combine resources and efforts as more efficient methods towards improving health and overall community wellbeing in San Diego County.

CWSD Leadership 

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Uchey Dijeh DrPh MPH

Diana Naboulsi, MSc

Nia Price, RN MPH     

Michael Kipper, MD

Founder & President 
Executive Director

Uchey Dijeh is an executive professional with over 10 years of progressive experience in academic and healthcare environments, including extensive project management with non-profit organizations, research administration, and community health improvement initiatives. 


Her public health passion is in community health partnerships and outreach, health policy advocacy, and population health improvement strategies for communities in need.

Diana Naboulsi is an aspiring physician-scientist who is passionate about bringing high-quality and innovative healthcare to underserved populations globally. For as long as she lives, she is dedicated to fighting for human rights.


As a third-culture kid who values diverse work environments, Diana feels fortunate to have co-created this non-profit and to contribute to its mission alongside unique, empowering women.


Rafal Albayati

Ikenna Oli

Ehrren Ajani



Dan Hernandez

Suzanne Deeb

Mohanad AlTimme 

Iris Garcia 

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